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Friday, June 5, 2009

‘9/11 Press for Truth’ on Channel 12........


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June 4, 2009 by Michael Wolsey 911blogger.com For immediate release •Photos available at http://www.kbdi.org/about_kbdi/press_room.cfm •See excerpts from Viewer Buzz program comments below '9/11 Press for Truth' on Channel 12 Draws Huge Support from Colorado Public Television Viewers Program will repeat at 2:00, 9:00 and midnight on Saturday DENVER – (June 4, 2009) – KBDI has always been at the forefront of controversial programming and last night was no exception. As the first broadcast station in the United States to air the controversial documentary 9/11Press for Truth, which claims a 9/11 cover-up, KBDI showed that it is not afraid to touch on sensitive subjects. Due to viewer response to the program, Channel 12 will repeat the program Saturday, June 6 at 2 p.m. and 9 p.m., followed by an encore at midnight. During the premiere, Bob McIlvaine, who lost his son Bobby at the World Trade Center, and 9/11Press for Truth producer Kyle Hence and director Ray Nowosielski were in the studio to give more insight into why they believed 9/11 was a cover-up and why the American public should be screaming for answers.


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