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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Coulter does the abortion math: 49 million to 5

Ann Coulter

"Can pro-lifers get a hate crimes bill passed and oceans of ink devoted to assuring Americans that 'most pro-lifers are peaceful'?" asks commentator Ann Coulter in her new column today at WND.com.

Coulter devotes her hard-hitting piece to comparing the death toll of abortionists since 1973 versus the number of children killed by abortion itself.

Writes Coulter: "According to recent polling, a majority of Americans oppose abortion – which is consistent with liberals' hysterical refusal to allow us to vote on the subject. In a country with approximately 150 million pro-lifers, five abortionists have been killed since Roe v. Wade.

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"In that same 36 years, more than 49 million babies have been killed by abortionists. Let's recap that halftime score, sports fans: 49 million to five.

"Meanwhile, fewer than 2 million Muslims live in America and, while Muslims are less murderous than abortionists, I'm fairly certain they've killed more than five people in the United States in the last 36 years. For some reason, the number '3,000' keeps popping into my head."

Read Coulter's entire column now at WorldNetDaily.com.

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