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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dick Cheney


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via Truth is Contagious by J Walter on 6/3/09

On Monday, however, Cheney made sure to blanket the criminally prosecutable blame: "We all approved it," he said, as he continued his propaganda campaign for the declassification of non-existent proof of torture's non-existent effectiveness.

He also blamed the then-head of the counterterrorism program, Richard Clarke, for "obviously miss[ing]" 9/11's warning signs; and, in effect, he blamed CIA director George Tenet for the colossally imbecilic Iraq War: "The prime source of information on the relationship between Iraq and al-Qaeda was George Tenet.... That is not something I made up, that is not something I thought of. That is what the director of central intelligence was telling us."

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