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Friday, June 5, 2009

........Electro-Shock Torture


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via Connecting the Dots in the New World Order by noreply@blogger.com (DotConnector) on 6/5/09

A police officer assigned to prowl the halls of Pennsylvania's Penn Hills High School came across a student using his cell phone, a violation of school rules except in an emergency.

The officer was ignored when he told the student to turn off the phone. So he ordered the student to the principal's office. According to Police Chief Howard Burton, "The student resisted, pushed the officer. The officer, defending himself, took out his stun gun and did a drive stun."

A "drive stun" consists of placing the Taser directly to the subject's body, temporarily immobilizing him. The student fell to the floor, where, after he continued "resisting" -- one has to admire his tenacity -- he was handcuffed.

All of this was less disruptive than the student's cell phone use, one supposes.



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