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Friday, June 5, 2009

Karl Rove Confronted Twice........


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via Truth is Contagious by J Walter on 6/5/09

Former Presidential adviser Karl Rove was confronted by members of WeAreChange Ohio at Denison University in Granville, Ohio and in Chicago at the Chicago Theatre by WeAreChange Chicago. Rove was asked about the "Angel is Next" threat that was made on 9/11 and the machinations of the Bush Administration to force the bailout through Congress in 2008.


According to historian Webster Tarpley, the "Angel is Next" threat is central to understanding the crime of 9/11. It shows that the parallel government controlled through the NSA was the real perpetrator of 9/11, because only a source inside of the "National Security" structure would have access to the code words used on 9/11.

Rove claimed that the agents that received the call originally heard the message "Air Force One will be next," and the message was later changed to the coded form. He told the audience at Denison University that the threat caused a "great deal of consternation."

Rove stated that Barksdale Air Force Base was in the middle of a nuclear test drill, which was part of a massive series of wargames occurring on the morning of 9/11. In fact, the U.S. military had aircraft deployed across the continent in a warfighting posture, unlike anything seen in the post-Cold War era.

Interestingly, Rove also stated that the government could not guarantee the airspace over Washington on 9/11. This further illustrates that 9/11 was perpetrated by a criminal element within the government. If this had been a loyal American administration, it would have done everything to protect the capital. Instead, fighter jets were sent in various directions, including over the Atlantic while much of the capital was left unguarded.

Rove scurried away from WeAreChange Ohio after the event in Granville, but Rove was protested by activists weeks later outside of the Chicago Theatre, where he appeared with James Carville. A number of the protesters shouted reminders of the Bush Administration's vicious crimes, including 9/11:


The activists in Chicago also tried to talk to the Socialist and Communist groups who where there protesting Karl Rove. However, once We Are Change tried to educate the leftist groups about the left-right paradigm the leftist groups declined any interviews.


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