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Friday, June 5, 2009

Portland Police Cancel........


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Did I miss something? What happened? It was MAY DAY. The crowds were all there. The political will was there. People of color were there. The BLACK BLOC was there. And... no police riot. No pepper spray, no batons in my back, no stomping hooves smashing down on sandal-clad feet, not even a wave of false arrests. No "snatch and grab" teams, no Todd Wyatt pepper spraying babies. Hell, I wasn't even tailed by a sneering pod of riot pigs as I left the rally. So... what gives? Who canceled the annual police riot? [ Read More | A Few Photogs from May Day 09 | Video and Audio Selections From May Day 2009 | Our May Day Demands | Riot Hits San Francisco On May Day! | Mayday Protests in EU massive and unruly ]


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