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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Prison Planet Moderator Victim of False DEA Raid

June 4, 2009

Imagine, sitting at your computer, it’s twilight. The front window blinds are open out to the street, it’s peaceful. You’ve been trying to sell your house for five months, and have only had two prospects. The prospective buyers that were supposed to come by today turned out to be a group of Century 21 realtors seeking a preview. No doubt to determine their bid when it goes up for auction due to foreclosure.

featured stories   Prison Planet Moderator Victim of False DEA Raid


DEA report on the raid. Click here to view larger version.

All of a sudden, the dogs began barking. Through the window I saw two men scurrying up to my front door, then a knock. I opened the door and there stood the county sheriff, a man I know. The second fellow I recognize as the chief of police. The sheriff says, “Hi JT… we need to talk with you.” Thinking it’s a social visit, I invite them in for a cup of coffee. My friend the sheriff says, “No, JT we will have to talk outside.” It was then I realized something was up.

We moved out onto the front lawn, and my friend Sheriff John Minor began the story, “JT, in a couple of minutes your home is going to be searched by DEA. A search warrant was issued this afternoon, which I have here. It seems that a group of realtors who viewed your house today, saw what they believe to be a methamphetamine lab in your downstairs bathroom!”

My reaction was a surprised laugh. “You’ve got to be kidding me John!” He replied, “I am really sorry about this, JT, I didn’t know about it until after the warrant was issued, and I am here to make sure that it stays low-key.” He continued, “I have told everyone involved in this that I will buy them the highest priced steak dinner in the county if they find anything drug related in your house.”

The warrant was in good order, so John signaled down the block and within seconds around the corner of my garage came marching four guys in full battle regalia, helmets with visors, body armor, full camouflage, with MP-5’s and M-16s. And then one other fellow in hazmat gear. The team was in my house less than five minutes, when the team leader came out and said, “there’s no meth lab in there… what is it you do in the bathroom, sir?”