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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Radar News/ Ceremony of Neglect: Medical Procedures at Jonestown

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  • Examinations at the scene were carried out by Guyana's leading pathologist, Dr Mootoo. According to Jim Hougan, a journalist and producer of a documentary of The People's Temple, Motoo claimed to have given the medical evidence to a foreign service officer at the U.S. Embassy. That evidence has never surfaced, nor has the officer. Mootoo refused to talk to the press and leading forensic pathologists have commented about the absence of autopsies and use of embalming at the scene.

    Many of the dead were identified by survivors, while others wore plastic wrist-bracelets. All of these i.d.'s were ordered removed just before the dead were eventually shipped back to the US and they arrived, anonymously, in body-bags. No-one knows why. The Guyanese records were destroyed in a fire set by local politicians, who pleaded guilty to the crime without explaining it. Forensic records are unprofessional and incomplete........

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