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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Second Annual Infowars Moneybomb!


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via Alex Jones' Prison Planet.com by admin on 6/9/09

The organisation has expanded exponentially since last year, now it is time to forge ahead once more

Steve Watson
Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chocks Away For The Second Annual Infowars Moneybomb! 080609feature The second annual Infowars Moneybomb is scheduled to take place this Thursday, June the 11th, and it couldn't come soon enough for the Infowars team, who have seen a vast expansion in operations since the original grassroots funding injection one year ago.

Click here to donate to the 2009 Infowars Moneybomb.

The concept of the moneybomb was originally conceived in late 2007 by supporters of Congressman Ron Paul during his Presidential campaign.

Having raised a record breaking $6.6 million in one day, catapulting the campaign into the national spotlight, the successful format was repeated by Infowars readers who independently organised the first Infowars moneybomb in May 2008.

As it became clear that a large ground swell of supporters had begun to put their weight behind the moneybomb, Alex Jones officially and proudly gave the project his full endorsement, responding to the readers and listeners' desire to see Infowars grow and reach a new level of success in the fight against the new world order.

In total around $250,000 was raised through the moneybomb, vitally needed funds that have allowed the team to not only expand in scope and in numbers, but also to move into a new and larger facility with space for more video and audio editing suites, out of which several groundbreaking documentaries, such as The Obama Deception, have already been produced.

In the following short feature, Alex tours through the studio and offices to show firsthand what he was able to do with the funds from the first ever moneybomb last year:


From a personal point of view, since last year's moneybomb, I have seen a significant paradigm shift in working as part of the Infowars team.

Both Prisonplanet.com and Prisonplanet.tv have been completely overhauled and re-designed to a standard and quality that outstrips the websites of most national media outlets. This is directly thanks to the funding from last year's moneybomb that has enabled Alex to hire more technical staff, with whom we webmasters have forged a closer and more productive working relationship.

Our technical skills have greatly improved, purely because we have been provided the opportunity to step them up, utilizing new equipment, programs and personnel we wouldn't otherwise have had the means to work with.

Naturally, witnessing this incredible progress and the successes it has brought, along with the responsibilities we have to our supporters, also keeps the team on their toes, fired up and ready to face the bigger challenges that lie ahead.

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Chocks Away For The Second Annual Infowars Moneybomb! 250509BANNER

More than anything, the corporate media sorely needs a run for its money — and needs an effective challenge, as it cannot be allowed to dominate not only the airwaves, but the very minds of the people.

Alex does not enjoy the support and patronage of big corporations with deep pockets, nor does he enjoy the filthy lucre of foundations and rich families. Alex Jones depends on the generosity and commitment of listeners and readers to expand the operation, to reach more people and to win more decisive battles in the infowar.

That is why we are asking as many people as possible to donate this Thursday and help us figuratively build a bigger megaphone to wake up the sleeping masses.

The Infowars Moneybomb is fixed to a period of time — it will run until June 12, 2009, with a goal of matching last year's $250,000 total.

Alex will use this money to build a studio, a sound stage, purchase cameras and equipment, computers, expand office space and hire additional staff. Alex also hopes to launch a new television show on the Dish Network, thus reaching hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of additional people.

Without the persistent efforts of you, the readers of Infowars and listeners of The Alex Jones show, we would not be able to mount an effective challenge to those who wish to see our liberties washed down the drain forever.

The Infowars Money Bomb is your chance to play a crucial role in loading the cannons for an all-out assault on the corporate media monopoly in America. With your help, Alex and the team will reawaken millions more to liberty and resistance against the control of the new world order.

Click here to donate to the Infowars Moneybomb.

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