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Friday, June 12, 2009


By Rev. Ted Pike

As the above cartoon by Sean Verster suggests, pro-hate bill Democrats, especially in the Senate Judiciary, want to assert many things about the prevalence of hate in America and who the haters are. But they cannot endure open, widely publicized debate, especially concerning their federal hate crimes bill. This aversion to scrutiny at the hands of Judiciary Republicans has caused Democratic leadership to possibly seek hate bill passage as an amendment to "must pass" legislation.

Last Monday, June 8, the online homosexual Washington Blade headlined
"Senate to Pass Hate Crimes Bill as Amendment". The primary authority for this was Trevor Thomas, a spokesman for the homosexual Human Rights Campaign (HRC), plus opinions of Senate staffers.

Yet, it appears the Democrats may still not have made up their minds. Yesterday afternoon, June 11, I called Sen. Edward Kennedy's office and was routed to his legislative authority. She said the Senator and fellow Democrats "are still mulling over" what course to take. They have not decided with finality to pursue the amendment route.

One advantage of resubmitting the hate bill as an amendment is that Judiciary hearings are bypassed. As soon as the Senate accepts his amendment, Kennedy, as the bill's chief Senate sponsor and originator, may demand a vote at any time. If Republican opposition can't muster 41 votes, there can be no filibuster. Kennedy's hate bill will pass.

The primary disadvantage of the amendment option is that, with such widespread opposition to the hate bill, plus demands for hearings, two negative messages go forth: First, the impression is given of Democratic contempt for legislative due process, which should include hearings on highly controversial legislation. Second, it appears the hate bill is too flawed to sustain rigorous scrutiny. If the Democrats cannot face Republican questioning and put down, with finality, the characterization of their hate bill as "pro-pedophile," a very strong message is sent, even to hate bill supporters in the Senate, that the hate bill is indefensible -- it does protect pedophiles........ www.truthtellers.org

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