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Monday, June 8, 2009

Vermont: FEMA to grade emergency drill

Monday, June 8
BRATTLEBORO -- The Federal Emergency Management Agency will be in the emergency preparedness zone surrounding the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in Vernon on Wednesday to grade an emergency drill.

"This is a fully evaluated exercise," said John Angil, the director of Vermont's Radiological Emergency Response Program.

This will be a three-state effort, said Angil, including the EPZ towns in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Yankee, the three states and the towns in the emergency preparedness zone will all be going to a general emergency footing, he said.

The emergency sirens in the Vermont EPZ will not be activated, he said, however tone-alert radios will announce the drill. Massachusetts will activate its sirens during the drill and New Hampshire will use its rapid emergency notification telephone system.

Bus drivers and other transportation providers will not be involved in the drill, said Angil.

FEMA comes to the region every two years to grade the 17 towns, the state and Vermont Yankee on its response to a simulated accident at the power plant in Vernon.

The graded drill conducted in 2007 was deemed satisfactory by FEMA........


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