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Friday, June 5, 2009

World Health Orginization trying to force........

World Health Orginization trying to force old junk discontinued vaccines on people

WARNING!! This report is attempting to make it appear as if though this is some sort of new vaccine! In fact, the vaccine that they claim "prevents diarrhea and vomiting" was taken off the market 10 YEARS AGO!! Do not be fooled by these criminal pieces of garbage! If you still take your child to get vaccinated, you had better wake the hell up and ask the doctor what the hell it is he is injecting into your child. vaccines are a racket that generate billions of dollars at the expense of our health! Read the warning from this web site! - TMR

........RotaShield was the world's only vaccine against the leading cause of childhood diarrhea. Linked to dangerous risk of dangerous bowel obstruction, RotaShield vaccine was used on an estimated 1 million U.S. babies prior to the 1999 withdrawal. RotaShield was on the market for just one year with reports of at least 99 bowel obstruction linked to the vaccine.

The RotaShield vaccine was manufactured by American Home Products and just one to two weeks following the vaccine affected babies experienced symptoms of vomiting, bloody stools, and abdominal pain. If the RotaShield adverse effect was not caught early babies often required surgery to clear the blockage. As early as testing of RotaShield instances of bowel obstruction occurred so the FDA warned on the RotaShield label of the potential.

Babies affected by the RotaShield vaccine experienced as many as 10-20 diarrhea episodes a day, making them dangerously dehydrated. If you would like to receive more information on RotaShield contact us to confer with a RotaShield attorney.

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via Dprogram.net by sakerfa on 6/5/09
(BBC) – The World Health Organization says a vaccine which can prevent a diarrhoea and vomiting virus should be given to all children as a routine vaccination. Rotavirus causes more than 500,000 diarrhoeal deaths and two million hospitalisations a year among children. Over 85% of deaths occur in developing countries in Africa and Asia. International experts welcomed the [...]

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