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Thursday, August 6, 2009


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Wow, check this out, what the guy says about nearly six minutes in, please rate high add to your favs and also, rate well, blessings, Lee.
Dr Deagle interview april 29 2009

The RNA vaccine where theyve given the first phase, as long ago as three or four months ago, to our troops. And theyve already announced earlier this year that they are going to give it to all the county sheriffs and their families. And the second phase, when they have an antigenically more accurate second phase vaccine. 

KC: Im sorry, Im not understanding you. Are you saying that this virus is part of something that has been given to our troops as a vaccine?

BD: Well, no. Its a separate thing. The one given to our troops is a first phase, called an RNA vaccine, by Sanofi Pasteur. What Dr. Horowitz is showing in his video clip (which you may want to talk to him) -- and I agree its the CDC World Health Organization -- theres direct complicity with them and British recombinant viral biologists thatve actually worked on this project, and he has all the connecting dots. 

It fits in with the documentation which I rec... more

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