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Thursday, June 11, 2009

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by The Michael Report on 6/11/09
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19 U.S. airports to be quarantine sites in pandemic


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via legitgov on 6/11/09

In the event of a pandemic, flights would be rerouted to Miami International Airport and 18 other major U.S. airports, according to plans by the CDC. Miami International Airport and 18 other major American airports have been lined up to handle a future pandemic that could require them to quarantine international flights. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has set up stand-by quarantine/screening facilities at the 19 airports to which all flights from affected countries would be diverted. In the event of the highest-level alert, all flights to Fort Lauderdale from pandemic-affected countries could be rerouted to Miami, Atlanta, Houston or somewhere else.


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Ending the FED a Catch 22

If we end the federal reserve we still owe these criminal bankers trillions of dollars. We know the banks fund both sides of any war so what is to stop them from cutting some irresistible deal with China and Russia and having them attack the U.S. mainland? - The Michael Report

Isa 52:15 - "So shall he sprinkle many nations; the kings shall shut their mouths at him: for that which had not been told them shall they see; and that which they had not heard shall they consider."

Radar News presents The Michael Report 6/11/09

Radar News presents The Michael Report
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"Debts Are Being Fought With Debts, Meaning That Not Only Banks But Entire Countries Could End Up Bankrupt."

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 11:48 AM PDT

Spiegel wrote in April:

Unlike 1929, the world's major countries are flooding the economy with money to prevent deflation and, with it, a downward spiral of declining prices and income.

But no one knows whether this will suffice, or whether all the money being thrown at the aggressive virus fueling this crisis will only make it worse. Debts are being fought with debts, meaning that not only banks but entire countries could end up bankrupt. Perhaps the efforts to combat the current crisis are merely laying the foundations for the next crisis, which will be bigger still.

Indeed, one of the world's leading economic historians - Harvard professor Niall Ferguson - recently warned of huge government debts threatening the solvency of entire nations:

"The idea that countries don't go bust is a joke... The debt trap may be about to spring ... for countries that have created large stimulus packages in order to stimulate their economies."

And even BIS (the "Central Banks' Central Bank") says that the massive bailouts are putting nations at risk, as confirmed by higher credit default swap spreads.
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Posted: 11 Jun 2009 01:03 AM PDT

Under the guise of urban warfare training the 26th Expeditionary Unit an elite group of U.S. Marines will conduct a martial law training exercise at 26 "surrendered" locations in central Indiana from June 4th thru the 17th. While state officials and media are doing their best to assure the public that this military takeover of civilian property is somehow a good thing, ignoring the Posse Comitatus Act which fundamentally prohibits these types of exercises.

These two weeks of training are also a contradiction of military tradition against deployments among the civilian population dating back to the end of the Civil War. Why then are the citizens of Indianapolis and six other Indiana towns being made to take part in two weeks of patrols and ambushes?Local news station WTHR 6 reports, "That in the interest of national security the sights and sounds of war will be brought to Indianapolis." Why do residents of Indianapolis need to learn the sights and sounds of war? Could it be a conditioning process?

Considering that numerous urban training environments which exist within military bases in the U. S. and around the globe the explanation of "a need to train in realistic urban zones" is doubtful. More likely the real purpose is to condition the civilian population and military personnel to living under martial law.

Coast to Coast Tonight: Another Dead Micro-biologist

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 09:22 AM PDT

Tonight's Show, Thurs. June 11th:
Journalists and filmmakers Bob Coen and Eric Nadler will discuss their work on the untold story of the 2001 anthrax attacks, and the dark secrets of germ warfare research, and how it ties in with the untimely deaths of microbiologists around the world. In the first hour, Kevin Miller talks about the culture of medicine and corruption.

More Scandals Haunt Sotomayor

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 10:02 AM PDT

Bill O'Reilly has declared, "I don't think she's a racist," in regard to Obama Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, even though it turns out that her comment about a Latina woman making better decisions than a white man was repeated on several occasions. O'Reilly turns a blind eye to her raw display of racism because he doesn't want to be accused of being a racist himself. This is how cowardly the sponsor of the "No Spin Zone" has become in the face of a politically correct "debate" that has already forced former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to retract his charge of racism against her........
by Cliff Kincaid

Coke Zero, Dangerous? Venezuela says Yes

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 11:13 AM PDT

The "mainstream" news outlets are excoriating Chavez for banning the sale of Coke Zero due to health considerations. This morning, NPR quoted a Coke representative who denied that the beverage presents any health risk whatsoever. No medical professional was consulted, of course. Chavez came off as a silly socialist ass. The public print is leaning on the word "unspecified," as in "Venezuelan president cites unspecified health concerns in decision to remove soft drink from store shelves" (Guardian). Actually, Chavez has ordered the soft drink pulled from the shelves only until the health risks can be studied and determined. The media are feigning ignorance - the same media that reported: "Pesticides in Coca-Cola." And please don't even start on aspartame - "Dead Rats don't Lie." A Coca-Cola spokesman isn't likely to mention neurotoxic drugs in our "food." And worse: "NCI STUDY LINKS ASPARTAME TO LEUKEMIA/LYMPHOMA." Also see: "The Swirl & the Swastika: NutraSweet, the NutraPoison." Silly Chavez. What a backward, Third World tinhorn dictator - pulling this poisonous swill off the shelves when all sensible Good Germans here in the States know a good thing when they are sickened by it. Doesn't he understand overriding considerations to the destruction of our physical well-being - like advertising revenue and the sponsorship of sporting events? Chavez needs to get with the program - CIA jackals on the way. - AC

Coke Zero, Dangerous? Venezuela says Yes
by Beth Gaston Moon
Jun 11th 2009 12:00PM
Filed under: Consumer experience, Coca-Cola (KO), Venezuela

It's bad enough that Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) killed its C2 brand a few years ago -- I still have one memorial (empty) can I keep in my china cabinet for posterity. Now Coke Zero, the soft-drink behemoth's alternative for those of us that don't quite dig the Diet Coke taste, poses a "danger to health" in South America? What the what?

Yesterday, the Venezuelan government ordered Coca-Cola to pull the Coke Zero brand from the country's shelves, claiming unspecified health risks. The nation's health minister simply said that the zero-calorie fizzy drink "should be withdrawn from circulation to preserve the health of Venezuelans."

Is it the artificial sweetener causing the issue, or perhaps sour grapes? Coca-Cola's local bottler, Femsa, has been dealing with labor problems in the country. Last year, former workers reportedly blocked the plants, demanding back pay.

Coca-Cola says things remain copacetic, issuing a statement that "Coca Cola Zero is made under the highest quality standards around the world and meets the sanitary requirements demanded by the laws of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela."


North Korea tested a Nuke, In preparation to fight Satans New World Order. - May 25th 2009

Posted: 29 May 2009 03:56 AM PDT

101010000001110101010101001111110101010 Our Constitution was not written in the sands to be washed away by each wave of new judges blown in by each successive political wind. Keywords: American Militia, American Resistance Movement, American Revolution, Revolution, Revolt, American Militia Movement, ARM, Alex Jones, New World Order, Illuminati, NWO, Skull and Bones, Bush, 911 Conspiracy, The Civilians Military, Militia, American Resistance Movement, Revolt, Bilderberg, CFR, Alex Jones ...
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"Grandparents for 9/11 Truth", "Working Parents for 9/11 Truth" and "Soccer Moms for 9/11 Truth"

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 10:53 AM PDT

Given the false claim being made that people who question 9/11 are terrorists (and see this), I encourage people to form groups that show how mainstream questioning the government's version of 9/11 really is.

For example, I encourage people to form groups such as:

  • "Grandparents for 9/11 Truth"
  • "Working Parents for 9/11 Truth"
  • "Soccer Moms for 9/11 Truth"
  • "Sports Fans for 9/11 Truth"
  • "Weekend Athletes for 9/11 Truth"

There are already many excellent expert groups questioning 9/11, such as Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth, Lawyers for 9/11 Truth, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth, Veterans for 9/11 Truth, Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth, Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth, Pilots for 9/11 Truth and Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice. And there are many excellent websites rounding up those who question 9/11.

But those don't necessarily reflect the mainstream, everyman quality of those who question 9/11.

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Betty Henderson on Alex Jones Tv 3/4:Antidepressant Nightmares!

Posted: 10 Jun 2009 03:55 AM PDT

Betty Henderson, webmaster of SSRI Stories: Antidepressant Nightmares, a site that documents the psychosis and adverse effects of so-called antidepressants, www.ssristories.com prisonplanet.tv
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Historic anti-smoking vote to give FDA new power

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 12:08 PM PDT

By JIM ABRAMS, Associated Press Writer Jim Abrams, Associated Press Writer 6 mins ago

WASHINGTON – Congress struck the government's strongest anti-smoking blow in decades Thursday with a Senate vote to give regulators new power to limit nicotine in cigarettes, drastically curtail ads and ban candied tobacco products aimed at young people.

Cigarette foes say the changes could cut into the 400,000 deaths every year caused by smoking and reduce the $100 billion in annual health care costs linked to tobacco.

The legislation, one of the most dramatic anti-smoking initiatives since the U.S. surgeon general's warning 45 years ago that tobacco causes lung cancer, would give the Food and Drug Administration authority to regulate the content, marketing and advertising of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

"This legislation represents the strongest action Congress has ever taken to reduce tobacco use, the leading preventable cause of death in the United States," declared Matthew Myers, president of Campaign for Tobacco-free Kids.

The 79-17 Senate vote sends the measure back to the House, which in April passed a similar but not identical version. House acceptance of the Senate bill would send it directly to President Barack Obama, who supports the action. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that "from what I have seen so far, I believe it will be possible for us to accept their bill and send it right on to the president."

Obama's signature would then add tobacco to other huge, nationally important areas that have come under greater government supervision since his presidency began. Those include banking, housing and autos. Still to come, if Congress can agree: health care.

The top U.S. national news headlines - Yahoo! News

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 12:06 PM PDT

Federal agents ready to enter NC explosion site

at AP – Thu Jun 11, 8:48 am ET
Investigators survey the wreckage during recovery operations... AP

GARNER, N.C. - Federal agents are ready to begin investigating an explosion that killed three people and leveled part of a Slim Jim snack factory, but it may be a few days before they can safely enter. Full Story »

Flu vaccine makers ramp up to meet pandemic demand

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 11:43 AM PDT

Source: Reuters * First H1N1 vaccine seen ready September, October * Switch to pandemic after seasonal production ends shortly * More government orders expected for pandemic vaccine * Shares in vaccine makers ...

Glenn Beck's Latest Lies In Depth

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 11:13 AM PDT

Important JULY 27 th it starts nation wide martial law drills

Posted: 10 Jun 2009 07:35 PM PDT

More info soon,
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I Smell ZERO Job Growth and 20-30% Unemployment Coming

Posted: 08 Jun 2009 06:38 PM PDT

Things are smelling pretty bleak in my neck of the woods guys. The word on the street and from friends is that the media is underplaying how bad this thing is. Many of my friends are now en masse defaulting on all credit, mortages and car loans. Incomes are drying up as well as tax return money. This summer is looking very bleak... Alternative Media Reporting NIA National Inflation Association inflation.us inflation.us and sign up for the FREE newsletter!!! The Best Gold and Silver Stock ...
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Earthquake Location: NORTHERN CALIFORNIA

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 11:20 AM PDT

2009 June 11 09:48:40 UTC

Earthquake Location

World LocationEarthquake Location


Posted: 11 Jun 2009 11:17 AM PDT

Earthquake Details

Magnitude 5.0
Location 25.062°S, 13.612°W
Depth10 km (6.2 miles) set by location program
Distances1305 km (810 miles) SW of Saint Helena
3015 km (1870 miles) E of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Location Uncertaintyhorizontal +/- 18.7 km (11.6 miles); depth fixed by location program
ParametersNST= 15, Nph= 15, Dmin=>999 km, Rmss=1.18 sec, Gp= 79°,
M-type=body wave magnitude (Mb), Version=7
Event ID us2009htaw

Predictive Powers: A Robot That Reads Your Intention?

Posted: 10 Jun 2009 04:24 AM PDT


European researchers in robotics, psychology and cognitive sciences have developed a robot that can predict the intentions of its human partner. This ability to anticipate (or question) actions could make human-robot interactions more natural.
Brought to you by SocialPsychology Network

Drug cartels teaming with terrorist groups to exploit border vulnerabilities — intel report

Posted: 08 Jun 2009 02:27 PM PDT

Newsmax.com - Army Report: Drug Cartels, Terrorists Infiltrate U.S. A secret intelligence mission recently conducted along the southern border of the United States found that drug cartels are teaming with terrorists to exploit the numerous vulnerabilities along the sparsely defended 2,000-mile Mexican border.

Episode 087 - The UN Doesn't Love You

Posted: 24 May 2009 07:30 AM PDT

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Women's Mental Health Hit Hard by Recession

Posted: 11 Jun 2009 05:56 AM PDT

Women's Mental Health Hit Hard by RecessionMany thanks to Molly McVoy, M.D. of the American Psychiatric Association who forwarded me a new survey recently released by the American Psychiatric Association regarding the negative affect of the economy on women's mental health. You can read the survey results by clicking here. Some highlights:

  • More than two-thirds (68%) of women feel the current economic crisis has had a negative impact on them and their families.
  • More than half (55%) said the current problems with the economy have had a negative impact on their mental health.
  • Despite the negative impact on their mental well-being, most of the women prioritized others' needs and other responsibilities over their own mental and physical health.
  • Although 76 percent of women polled say they are participating in more positive activities than they were six months ago, they also report sharp increases in stress, anxiety, frustration and other negative mental health indicators over the same time period.

According to Dr. McVoy:

The survey reiterates a woman's tendency to put others' needs before her own, and shows how important it is that she addresses her own mental health needs so she can more effectively address the needs of her family. HealthyMinds.org offers women and their families information on mental health and the economy as well as a variety of other mental health topics.

I logged on to HealthyMinds.org and saw these tips that I thought might be helpful for those affected by the economy:

  1. Balance your needs. Mental health is essential to overall health. Recognize that stress affects your entire body. Physical activity, diet, sleep and stress management all play a part in having a healthy mind and a healthy life. Taking care of your own needs will help you remain healthy and able to respond to the needs of your family.
  2. Surround yourself with supportive people. Look to family and friends for support when facing an emotionally stressful situation. Surround yourself with people you trust and who have your best interests in mind. Their encouragement and feedback will help you think positively.
  3. Focus on the positive. Avoid activities that cause you to dwell on why you're stressed. Amid the steady drumbeat of negative economic news, limit your news consumption and make time for other activities, such as listening to music or reading a book. Make sure conversations with friends, family or co-workers do not dwell too long on stressful or negative topics.
  4. Socialize and have fun. Invite friends and family for low-cost and fun activities - watch a movie or play a game at home, take a hike or a walk, or arrange a neighborhood cookout. Inexpensive social activities can help keep you and your family healthy and focused on the positive.
  5. Know when to get additional support. Stay in tune with how you are feeling. Even when you are taking positive steps to manage stress, you can get to a point where you need additional help. If you notice that stress is interfering with your daily life, there are many places you can turn to for support - including your family doctor, religious or spiritual advisor, or a mental health professional.
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Isa 52:15 - "So shall he sprinkle many nations; the kings shall shut their mouths at him: for that which had not been told them shall they see; and that which they had not heard shall they consider."